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Virginia Lawyer and Virginia Law Weekly Contributions 2006-

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Articles Written by VALL/AALL Members or Librarians

Appearing in

Virginia Lawyer, the official publication of the Virginia State Bar


Virginia Lawyers Weekly

All entries are to the Virginia Lawyer unless otherwise specified.  Articles are linked to the websites where possible.

Osborne, Caroline

Hashtag Information: Researching in the Era of the Device

April 2018

Volume 66/Number 6/Page 47


Hamm, Marie Summerlin

Construction Continues: Recently Revised Construction Law Resources

February 2018

Volume 66/Number 5/Page 50

Stoner, Greg Virginia Legal Classics

December 2017

Volume 66/Number 4/Page 50


Dingledy, Fred W,

Medicare and Medicaid: Getting Your Grounding and Staying up to Date

October 2017

Volume 66/Number 3/Page 52

Skalbeck, Roger V. Finding and Using Images, While Respecting Copyright

August 2017

Volume 66/Number 2/Page 52

Zarin, Jason Family Law Legislative Update

June 2017

Volume 66/Number 1/Page 48


Dresser, Lara

Keeping Up with Environmental Law under the Trump Administration

April 2017

Volume 65/Number 6/Page 47

Corriell, Suzanne iTips for the Lawyer on the Road

February 2017

Volume 65/Number 5/Page 41


Hamm, Marie Summerlin

Preparing for the Battlefield and Avoiding the War: Recently Released Construction Litigation Resources

December 2016

Volume 65/Number 4/Page 51

Winston, Andrew M. Federal and Virginia Legislative Information Websites

October 2016

Volume 65/Number 3/Page 45

Birch, Paul M. GPO's New govinfo Site

August 2016

Volume 65/Number 2/Page 48

Stoner, Greg A Guide to Virginia Business Law Resources

June 2016

Volume 65/Number 1/Page 46

Fetzer, Alexis Free Access to Law of the European Union and its Member States

April 2016

Volume 64/Number 6/Page 47

Klepfer, Kathleen Changes to Bankruptcy Forms and Pending Bankruptcy Rule Changes

February 2016

Volume 64/Number 5/Page 40

Hamm, Marie Summerlin Renovating Your Virginia Construction Law Collection

December 2015

Volume 64/Number 4/Page 41

Dingledy, Fred Keeping Up with Tax Law and the Affordable Care Act

October 2015

Volume 64/Number 3/Page 49

Skalbeck, Roger V. Benefits and Risks of Legal Research Technologies

August 2015

Volume 64/Number 2/Page 41

Glover, Kristin Mindfulness in Law Schools and Legal Practice

June 2015

Volume 64/Number 1/Page 47

Corriell, Suzanne Virginia Records and Briefs: An Online Research Tool

April 2015

Volume 63/Number 6/Page 43

Birch, Paul M. Of Valentines, Diamonds, Emeralds and Peanuts: Heart Balm in Virginia

February 2015

Volume 63/Number 5/Page 42


Hamm, Marie Summerlin

Seasoning the Primordial Soup: Hot Topics and Titles in Construction Law

December 2014

Volume 63/Number 4/Page 51

Casey, Tara L.

Corriell, Suzanne B.

Public Policy Research & Drafting: A Pro Bono and Law Library Collaboration

October 2014

Volume 63/Number 3/Page 53

Janto, Joyce M. E-mail, Metadata, and Clouds, Oh My! Recent Changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct

August 2014

Volume 63/Number 2/Page 32

Winston, Andrew A Bibliography of Resources on Mindfulness in the Law

April 2014

Volume 62/Number 9/Page 55

Corriell, Suzanne B. Staying Current on Family Law/Domestic Relations Research

February 2014

Volume 62/Number 7/Page 51

Zwirner, Gail F. Law Libraries and Options Galore

December 2013

Volume 62/Number 5/Page 15

Doherty, Benjamin A. Appellate Research Lessons from the Judges

December 2013

Volume 62/Number 5/Page 16

Coggins, Timothy L. Discovering E-Discovery: a Resources Guide

December 2013

Volume 62/Number 5/Page 20

Janto, Joyce Manna Solving Your Ethical Conundrums: Researching the Rules of Professional Conduct

December 2013

Volume 62/Number 5/Page 24


Hamm, Marie Summerlin

Increasing Your "App"titude: Legal Research Apps for Virginia Practitioners

December 2013

Volume 62/Number 5/Page 45

Stoner, Gregory H. A Much Debated Debt: The Virginia-West Virginia Debt Controversy

December 2013

Volume 62/Number 5/Page 49

Zwirner, Gail F. Virginia CLE Sources: Important Practitioner Tools for Forty Years

December 2013

Volume 62/Number 5/Page 53

Winston, Andrew M. Richmond Law's Technology Boot Camp

October 2013

Volume 62/Number 3/Page 46

Keele, Benjamin J. Don't Forget Non-code Statutes

June/July 2013

Volume 62/Number 1/Page 49

Sekula, Jennifer A Brief Guide to Finding International Treaties

April 2013

Volume 61/Number 9/Page 48

Hamm, Marie Summerlin Bricks and Blogs: Using Social Media to Build Your Knowledge of  Virginia Construction Law

February 2012

Volume 61/Number 7/Page 48

Stoner, Gregory Sentencing Guideline Resources for Practitioners

December 2012

Volume 61/Number 5/Page 61

Casey, Heather The Continuing Education of Lawyers - Why it Matters

October 2012

Volume 61/Number 3/Page 54

Dingledy, Fred An Overview of Patent Prosecution

June/July 2012

Volume 61/Number 1/Page 47

Stoner, Greg Social Networking: Is it for Me?

April 2012

Volume 60/Number 9/Page 48

Almoite, Benjamin T. Immigration Law Resources

February 2012

Volume 60/Number 7/Page 60

Stoner, Greg Friend Me: Sources for Social Networking Policies for Attorneys

December 2011

Volume 60/Number 5/Page 51

Warmath, Lyn

Zwirner, Gail

Law Librarians Respond to Wide Range of Research Needs

October 2011

Volume 60/Number 3/Page 41

Hellyer, Paul Free Websites for Virginia Legal Research

October 2011

Volume 60/Number 3/Page 42

Keele, Benjamin J. Copyright and Research in Google Book Search

October 2011

Volume 60/Number 3/Page 46

Olson, Kent C. The Law Givers: Heroes of Virginia Statutory History

October 2011

Volume 60/Number 3/Page 50

Altshuler, Alyssa

Leonard, Sharen

Creating a Valuable Research Metric for the Private Law Firm

October 2011

Volume 60/Number 3/Page 56

Wharton, Amy Landing at a Run: Tips for Molding Effective and Productive New Associates

October 2011

Volume 60/Number 3/Page 62

Corriell, Suzanne Saving Some Green: Free Resources on Environmental Law

June/July 2011

Volume 60/Number 1/Page 57

Bausch, Donna

VALL Names Grant Fund for Barbara Cumming

April 2011

Volume 59/Number 9/Page 50

Stoner, Greg

The Jury Is Out:  Considerations for Using an Online Jury Research Service

February 2011

Volume 59/Number 7/Page 48

Gernhardt, Michele

Marketing: Gather ‘competitive intelligence’

Virginia Lawyers Weekly

December 20, 2010

Hamilton, Heather

Key Resources in International Law

December 2010

Volume 59/Number 5/Page 57

Hamm, Marie Summerlin

This Land’s Not My Land?  Eminent Domain Research in Virginia

October 2010

Volume 59/Number 3/Page 53

Dresser, Lara

Consumer Bankruptcy Law Research Primer

July/July 2010

Volume 59/Number 1/Page 58

Corriell, Suzanne

Your Retirement To-Do List:  Enjoy Each Day

April 2010

Volume 58/Number 9/Page 39

Feliú, Vicenç

Unlike Menus, Legal Translations Require Expert Help

February 2010

Volume 58/Number 7/Page 57

Wharton, Amy

Web 2.0: What’s in It for Lawyer 1.0?

December 2009

Volume 58/Number 5/Page 56

Dockendorf, Dee Dee

The Chesapeake Project: Preserving “Born Digital” Documents

October 2009

Volume 58/Number 3/Page 53

Paul, Isabel

Family Law Resources: Getting a Jump-Start

June/July 2009

Volume 58/Number 1/Page 54

Zwirner, Gail

 One Person’s Junk, Another Person’s Treasures:  Dissolving a Small Law-Book Collection

April 2009

Volume 57/Number 9/Page 50

Campbell, Evelyn M.

 Litigating in Today’s World:  Getting an Edge on the Competition

February 2009

Volume 57/Number 7/Page 55

Gernhardt, Michele

 Bite-sized Environmental Law: Resources for the Jack of All Trades

December 2008

Volume 57/Number 5/Page 53

Hamm, Marie Summerlin

 Deconstructing Construction Law Resources

October 2008

Volume 57/Number 3/Page 68

 Coggins, Timothy L.

Virginia Law: It’s Online, But Should You Use It?

June/July 2008

Volume 57/Number 1/Page 35

Ullian, Jeanne

 Feeling Short-Circuited?  Assessing the Availability of Virginia Circuit Court Opinions

June/July 2008

Volume 57/Number 1/Page 38

Gernhardt, Michele

Locating and Using Internet Archives for Virginia Practitioners

June/July 2008

Volume 57/Number 1/Page 41

Chase, Dawn

Librarian Protects and Defends Legal Documents

June/July 2008

Volume 57/Number 1/Page 45

 Janto, Joyce M.

 Building a Law Firm Library

June/July 2008

Volume 57/Number 1/Page 53

Bausch, Donna

Your Second Season of Service Is Just Beginning

April 2008

Volume 56/Number 9/Page 46

Ullian, Jeanne

 Health and Medical Law Resources

February 2008

Volume 56/Number 7/Page 50

Sekula, Jennifer

Six Steps to a Smaller World:  Finding International Law from Your Desktop

December 2007

Volume 56/Number 5/Page 47

(There were no librarian contributions to Virginia Lawyer in 2006.)
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